by on February 3, 2021
This is where the archived YouTube videos of the Taking It To The Nub cigar show epsisodes  can be found.
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by on January 26, 2021
Hey whats up guys and girls, my name is Steve not much of a blogger but I was interetsed in seeing what you guys like to pair with your cigars. I don't drink whiskey or bourbon at all, have not found one that touched my pallet in a way that I would buy it. Normally for me coffee, beer, Dr. Pepper or water to cleanse my pallet works for me. What do you guys like to drink with your cigar and do you have any suggestions on whiskey that I might like starting off new to the whiskey game. Like I state...
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by on January 25, 2021
This week I go over one of my person favorite rums! The Ron Zacapa Solera 23 year made in Guatamala.Ron Zacapa to me is a overall great brand with high medium and low selections. My ideal  23 pair is the Padron 1926 #6 and a double on the rocks preferably with a ice ball. Check it out let me know your thoughts!Listed below is the info on the Zacapa 23  Ron Zacapa 23 Solera Guatemala | Aged ...
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by on January 25, 2021
My top five cigars of the year! 1) Padron 1926 90th anniversary Wrapper: Nicaragua ...
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by on January 22, 2021
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