I for one, have smoked cigars for many years, but until the last couple of years, was not a regular smoker. In the last few years I have taken to cigars on a regular basis. Probably, on average 10-15 sticks per week. I used to think that a toro or robusto were my favorite sizes, but lately have found myself leaning more toward the corona sizes due to the flavor and time restraints around the house. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a robusto or toro or maybe even a Churchill if I run to the lounge for a drink and a smoke with friends, when I know I'm going to have a couple of hours, minimum.

So, my question to you, is, what is your favorite size vitola and why?

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Stephen Michael

Great topic Jeff, I started off about 14 years ago and really got into it the past 10 and I would smoke everything from cigarillo's to gordo. As a police officer at the time it was hard to smoke robusto, toro or gordo on the job so I smoked a lot of cigarillo's like I said. Now that I help run my business with my two business partners I think the lancero or robusto has grasped my attention more. A good lancero if made correctly can be fantastic. The problem is like the gordo if you smoke it too fast you can screw up the progress of the cigar. There's a lot of Lanceros out there that I wouldn't buy but there are two on the market that I smoke regularly. I usually have a robusto in the morning, usually by the end of the day I average 2 robusto 1 gordo and maybe a cigarillo if I am up late doing orders. Again great topic, stay smokey brother.

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Larry Jenkins

I jump back and forth from Robusto to Toro. Robusto's when it's cold out and I want to enjoy a smoke before I freeze. Toro's more in the warmer times when the weather isn't brutal. I like a Nasty or Papa's Fritas or a Short Story in the winter also. Quick smoke and I'm back in the house. 

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