Blue Line Cigar Club
40 members Stogies
We are a club founded by two Police officers in the Chicagoland area that came up with an idea to help out injured or sick cops while one of us was out of work not getting paid because of surgery. We have been operating since 2017 and raised over $60k in a year and a half to start off. We have done a lot of fundraisers and events to support one another and each other. Today Blue Line Cigar Club is still active but has been transformed into Help the Heroes FOundation, helping out injured or sick first responders and military personnel. If you support law enforcement and the military community this is the group you want to be a part of. We have a strong following in Illinois and Vegas and take pride in the things we've accomplished since this club was founded.
Salty Ash Cigar Society
24 members Stogies
This PRIVATE society is for you Frontline, hard charging salts who know how to relax after action with a lump of ash. We are a rough and ready brand who support each other at all times. If you have pride in your service and show dedication by always making the push, this group is for you. This is a PRIVATE community who is rolled tight with the principles of honor, respect, sharing and service. There's no rank or malice, just the love for Salt and Ash!