Black Hand Cigar Society
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The Black Hand was developed in the late 1800's, early 1900's by Sicilians who would steal from their own people for personal gain. The Black Hand later developed what we know as the Italian mafia or LaCosa Nostra. We are made up of men and women from all over who enjoy cigars, drinks and each others company. There is a Godfather, Boss, Underboss, Consigliere, Capos from various states and Enforcers who handle the bullshit we don't encourage. So welcome to our group and enjoy what it has to offer.
Stephen Michael
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Duke Filskov
Sticks & Spirits Cigar Club
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A Club for ALL Friends and Fellow Cigar and Quality Spirits Lovers! "Come Join Our Conversation..." Web: YouTube:  
TJ Mayben
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