Welcome to Stogie Lives, thank you for joining. Here is a short list of how to answer some of the questions you might have:

Settings & Privacy

  • Email notifications- (from the home screen) simply go to the arrow to the right of your profile photo at the top right of the screen and click it. Under  Privacy Settings there are 4 tabs. Email notifications, you can set it to what you want.
  • Privacy-(from the home screen) if you don’t make changes to this your posts will start showing up like a forum in everyone's feed. You can change your settings from the same area, privacy settings to choose who you want to see your profile, photos, friends or posts. 
  • To start a new blog or forum-on the top right of the blog there is a green circle with a + sign click that to start a new blog. To start a forum you must click on the topic you want to start and then proceed by clicking the green plus to start your forum.
  • Pages and Groups-same as the Blogs on the top right, the green circle allows you to start a new page or group.

For more in-depth details, there will a blog posted with screen shots within the next few minutes.


Within the next few days you will notice the video setting go live. This means you will be able to upload videos. If you decide to have music playing in your videos, Stogie Lives is not responsible for your decision to use copyrighted music. Additionally our terms of service, including hate and violence and/or the promotion of violence apply to videos.


Since this a 21+ community, you are free to post your favorite cigar brands, alcohol and other adult content. However, pornography, hate speech (for example, “kill all fill in whatever group/race/religion, etc.”) and violence will result in your account being restricted and/or banned. This is just one example, for our full listing on hate speech, see our terms of service.


Within the next two weeks, you will find updates to the pages section. The pages section is meant to help individuals and small businesses connect with consumers. If you own a small business or are an individual selling something, please feel free to  create a page. However, large businesses and multinational corporations will need to contact us for advertising and/or sponsorships.


You are free and encouraged to create your own groups. However, when creating a group, keep in mind that hate groups are prohibited (see are terms of service for more information). Individuals found creating a hate group will be banned from this platform. With that in mind, create groups that reflect your interests, feelings, tastes, cigar preferences, geographic regions, etc. These are just examples, to help guide you and are not meant to minimize the type of groups you create (the possibilities are endless). Be creative and have fun.

All groups set to private. This means that the group administrator will need to add you to the group. It is okay to join as many groups as you would like. While disagreements are a part of life, it is not okay to enter a group to trash or mock its beliefs. It’s okay to have different beliefs and freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. With that in mind, individuals found entering groups with the sole intention of mocking, trashing  or insulting their beliefs may find their accounts restricted. Keep in mind, we are all adults here and the purpose of this social media platform is to have fun and connect with others.


Occasionally you may log in to notice the poll feature active. The purpose of the poll is to help us gain information about your wants and your needs. Stogie Lives is meant to be a social media site that reflects the needs of our community. In order to achieve this goal, we will likely need your input. Thank you in advance for helping us create a community of cigar smokers.


The marketplace is meant to serve as a representation of the cigar community. If you are an individual or small business, please feel free to list your items or services (see below for more information). Large companies can contact us directly to advertise with us or to locate a sponsor/brand ambassador/etc.

Restrictions on the Marketplace

The FDA prohibits the sale of cigars to individuals that do not have a retail and/or tobacco license. While you can use the marketplace to trade cigars, we strongly encourage you to check your state’s laws before trading cigars on the market place. We also strongly encourage all cigar traders to obtain a tracking number. Individuals that use the marketplace to rip off or steal from others will be banned from this platform.

  • If you are banned from this site for violating the terms and conditions, you will not be able to simply use another email address to create an account. All devices (whether it be smartphones, computers, or tablets) have IP addresses. These addresses are unique to YOUR device. The IP address affiliated with your account will be blocked through our server. This means that if you try to access this platform from your computer, you will receive an error message preventing you from seeing this platform’s content.