Stogie Lives Stores

            You now have the option to create your own store on Stogie Lives, share it on other social media platforms, and have your revenues deposited directly into your account. We currently integrate with the following payment processors: Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.net.

How do I start a store?

            Click “social store,” in the yellow banner at the top of the screen. Then look for a green plus sign directly under the yellow banner that says, “open a new store.” 

            You will then be redirected to a new screen that allows you to pick the type of store you would like to open. Individuals and cigar clubs can open stores free of charge. Small businesses selling less than 10 products can also create a free site. More information about our packages is listed below.

Can I sell Cigars?

            If you have the proper licensure, you can sell cigars. However, before opening an online cigar store, you will need to email us a copy of your licensing (info@stogielives.com). You will also need to create an account with Authorize.net. Unlike PayPal and Stripe, Authorize.net is a specialty payment processor focusing on high risk industries. Since federal laws change frequently, the sale of tobacco in any form is considered high-risk. If you decide to use PayPal or Stripe for your store and sell cigars, do so at your own risk. Stogie Lives is not responsible for refunded transactions by payment processing systems that prohibit the sale of cigars. Individuals found selling cigars without proper licensures will be banned from the platform.

What Else Can I Sell?

            The options are endless. Shirts, patches, coins, hats, cups, lights, cutters, ashtrays, homemade items, etc. However, you cannot sell something federally regulated without proper licensure.

Do You Integrate with Dropshippers?

            Within the next few months we will develop an interface that works directly to allow you to fulfill orders with dropshippers. When that service is released, we will be happy to help individuals integrate their accounts with Stogie Lives. However, individuals interested in using dropshipping will need to have a logo. You cannot use someone else logo and Stogie Lives is not responsible for individuals who violate copyright laws. Individuals found violating copyright laws will be prohibited from selling on Stogie Lives.

What About Your Servers?

            We hear this question frequently and cannot seem to find where it originates from. Stogie Lives is contracted with a commercial hosting service. Stogie Lives could theoretically purchase 100 Petabytes of data (or more) if needed on a monthly basis. To put that in perspective, Facebook has 2.2 billion users per month and 4 Petabytes of data per month. Since this platform is tailored to cigar smokers, it remains unlikely that we will obtain 2.2 billion users a day, or the need to purchase 4 Petabytes a month. Moreover, these findings directly refute the concerns about our server crashing.

What About Cyber Security & Payment Information

            Stogie Lives uses commercial servers that have 24 hour site monitoring to protect against botnets or other attacks. Pertaining to payment/financial information, Stogie Lives integrates with Stripe (owned by Visa), PayPal and Authorize.net. These payment processors are used throughout the cigar and other industries (including on Amazon) to protect the consumer’s financial information. Businesses that sell on Stogie Lives will be able to log into their payment processor’s website and see the last four digits of a card number, the individual’s name and whether the transaction was approved. The payment processors we use do not provide other information to individuals or businesses to protect the consumer’s privacy.


Stogie Lives vs Other Platforms



Groupon: Traditional Voucher Model

50% of total sales and products/services must be discounted at least 30% off [1]

Groupon Marketplace

19% of sales on tobacco or tobacco related products[2]


$39.99 per month + 8-15% referral fees, + fulfillment fees (storing your product in Amazon’s warehouse), long-term storage fees if your products don’t sell immediately, and advertising[3]

*Cannot sell tobacco on Amazon


Pay per click without the guarantee of selling goods

*Cannot sell tobacco, alcohol, and other regulated goods[4].


Pay per click without the guarantee of selling goods

*Cannot advertise or sell tobacco, alcohol, and other regulated goods.

Facebook Advertising

Uses a pay per click model with no guarantee of sales.

*Cannot advertise or sell tobacco, alcohol, and other regulated goods.

Living Social

30-50% fees and all products/services purchased must be half off[6]


Uses a pay per click model with no guarantee of sales.

*Cannot advertise or sell tobacco, alcohol, and other regulated goods.


Custom Build Websites

The cost of developing a website varies. Some can be done for as little as $10 a month. You also need to consider hosting costs, payment processor fees, and search engine optimization (SEO). In 2018, search engine optimization (or to simplify, getting to the top of Google and other platforms) was a $80 billion a year industry with significant growth prospects over the next few years[7]. Since you cannot advertise tobacco related products on social media, Google, or Bing/Yahoo, you need to be proficient in SEO or have extensive funds to establish a findable online presence.

Stogie Lives

Size of story varies. SEO is done for you and you have the capacity to share your work on other platforms*. You also have the ability to sponsor your products, and connect directly with your target audience. In exchange, Stogie Lives takes a 5% payment processor fee as an intermediary to cover hosting costs.

*Stogie Lives is not responsible if users share information on other social media platforms that results in their account’s getting restricted due to anti-tobacco policies.

































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